Can We Reduce Cancer By Improving Water Quality? Essay

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Can We Reduce Cancer by Improving Water Quality? If we pollute the air, water, and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us. Fresh, clean water free of harmful contaminants is growing increasingly difficult to obtain, and therefore extremely valuable. Most storm water drains are made to flood directly into wastewater facilities or into rivers, complexly untreated. In the United States alone, 877 million pounds of pesticide are used each year, 822 million pounds of fertilizer, and 136 million pounds of herbicide. These pollutants make their way through the food chain causing shattering effects. In humans, pesticide, fertilizer, and herbicide are linked to more than 36 types of cancer due to their carcinogenic qualities. All 3 pollutants are lethal to aquatic life. The evaluation of an eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable method of wastewater filtration is vital to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The evaluation will report the need for solution, the feasibility of varying presumed solutions, and the end result.

When sub-lethal, pesticides can cause weight loss and hormonal changes, fertilizers feed algae blooms resulting in dead zones with little to no oxygen, and herbicides cause stress and kill aquatic plants that are crucial to survival. The bottled water industry promotes an image of purity, but comprehensive testing by the Environmental Working…

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