Can We Live Without Phones? Essay examples

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can we live without phones?

A family consisting of four brothers that never talk to each other, and we know nothing about each other, no doubt it’s going to make my father mad. A week might pass and we never see each other, even though we live in the same house. Being close to each other is the most important thing to my father, and he always consider this as a major problem in our house. My oldest brother lives in New York and he works at a very famous company as an architecture, and he is happily married. My second brother studies in New Zealand, he is married, and he has two children. My third brother is now my roommate. One time my father suddenly decided that phones are prohibited in our house, so we can set with each other, and talk to each other. My father said that we are going to leave our phones away in a big box he put next to the house entrance for 4 days. We were all afraid of this decision, but it was kind of interesting.

On the first day, me and my four brothers all sat down together and started to talk to each other for about 30 minutes, but then we stopped talking because we are not used to talk face to face for a long time. We usually text each other when we need to say something. Now we have to make ourselves busy with something else, and we started to play video games. Video games take only two players and the other two have to wait until the first two finish. While waiting for our turns, my older brother and I talked about ourselves a little bit. The…

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