Essay on Can We Dream Of A Revolution?

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Can we dream of a revolution?
Sufficient said and heard about ailments and toxicities of the country we live in and issues of extremism in the faith we very proudly practice. Nobody denies that nothing is permanent but the change, so why it should not be inevitable to the whole Religious-politico-legal narrative? The famous saying goes on that the world is sure to fall into evil when the nobles keep mum. Silence becomes an act of adding and abetting.
Analyzing fear of Muslims in the West, generally, is that certain followers distorted manipulated and evolved religion into a fighting faith and wanted to spread not only through proselytizing but violence. But the mainstream intellectuals do not raise the voice or construct their alternate premise. Regardless of what the critics say about the faith interpretations, the collective sense of the West is, no doubt, agitated on the inaction of Muslim societies and scholars, not to disown militant ideas vehemently and vociferously.
Moreover, it is always too late to put on hold the disruption and deterioration that have set the chain of violent events. The vast but fragile minority of Muslims living in the west endorse this concern since they are prone to bear the brunt of hate on either side. The reaction has already begun. The longer we drag on, the greater the risk becomes severe.
Notwithstanding good statements from the western leaders, the general populace is in genuine fear. Some writers in the West explicitly warn their…

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