Essay on Can We Blame Islam For The Suffering Of Islamophobia?

1589 Words Oct 30th, 2016 7 Pages
Can we blame Islam for the suffering of Islamophobia? To tackle the question we must understand first what Islam is and the individuals practicing Islam in society. Islam is a centuries old religion and Muslims are the ones who practice Islam. As a religion, Islam is not at fault directly for the term Islamophobia and for creating a discomfort in the community. In fact, the Muslims are blamable for this misunderstood concept. Muslims were peaceful people and they were living a very simple and nonviolent life, until 9/11 after which Muslims and their religion came into light. Muslims say that media has over advertised the anti-Muslim campaigns and with the passage of time they have become conservative and extremists in the mind of the western world. It is not the media or westerners, but the Muslims themselves deserve that attitude and behavior of western world about their relgion Islam. Muslims contribute to this suffering Islamophobia and deem their own status in the community, because they are very conservative which doesn’t sit well with the western communities, Muslims have divided themselves into different sects which sets them apart as a religion, and young western Muslims fail to practice their religion as it should be practiced which lets people interpret it the way they want to.
Islamophobia’s suffering has been created by Muslims themselves, especially because their way of living is not very suited to western world. However, Islam is a very liberal religion…

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