Can Virtue Be Taught? Essay

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Can Virtue Be Taught?
Having established the solution to the concern, is it possible for one to absolutely define virtue? Meno asks Socrates to go back and elaborate if virtue itself can really be taught. Socrates, one of the world 's most celebrated philosophers rejects Meno’s question by stating that virtue cannot be taught. Socrates response comes with surprise because at the end of this discussion he states that virtue is a kind of knowledge, and since it is like knowledge then it can be taught (Curtler, 2000). What many knowledge seekers wonder, is whether Socrates contradicted himself or Meno did not ask the question in the right manner. Socrates states that virtue cannot be taught because no teacher of virtues exists (93a-94e). In a normal case anyone would argue that there are great people who could teach virtue, however Socrates contradicts this by giving a powerful elaboration that those who are great virtuous don’t always provide highest virtuous exemplar to their students or children. Socrates argument can be well elaborated in the contemporary lifestyle where even the best artists do not always produce best artistic students. One can be a great football player but fail to get good results when he or she coaches a football team. In examining the question that Meno asked Socrates, he suggested that the question should be evaluated based on hypothesis. He said that the issue of finding what a person doesn’t know or understand is suggesting a possible solution to a…

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