Can Virtue Be Taught Analysis

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Can Virtue Be Taught?
Having established the solution to the concern, is it possible for one to absolutely define virtue? Meno asks Socrates to go back and elaborate if virtue itself can really be taught. Socrates, one of the world 's most celebrated philosophers rejects Meno’s question by stating that virtue cannot be taught. Socrates response comes with surprise because at the end of this discussion he states that virtue is a kind of knowledge, and since it is like knowledge then it can be taught (Curtler, 2000). What many knowledge seekers wonder, is whether Socrates contradicted himself or Meno did not ask the question in the right manner. Socrates states that virtue cannot be taught because no teacher of virtues exists (93a-94e). In a
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Anytus is famous politician and Athenian citizen who in this case Socrates uses as the perfect elaboration of his concerns especially in this case. He is asking questions on public virtue and if it can really be taught. Socrates questions him on the exact standard model for virtue teaching. Socrates elaborates that there are numerous professions in every craft such as medicine and they are in fact compensated to educate others crafts and other lessons. Therefore, he believes that it would be very difficult to measure the model standard for virtue teachers compared to crafts and other well-known teachers (Curtler, …show more content…
Their children may even be worse than average if they are compared. If at all virtue was teachable then all great men and women would have great children that would exceed their achievements and standards. These great men would have assumed the role of a teacher and educate their children on virtue and turn them into great people in society (Darling-Smith, 2003). As Socrates relays, the best artists do not train their children to be the best which is not their wish but because of the fact , virtue is not teachable. It is hard to teach other students to be as great as other people in society. It is difficult to replicate similar achievements because being great is something that should be regarded original . Each individual must create it in their own efforts and

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