Can Vaccinations Cause Autism? Do Vaccines Containing Mercury Poison Our Children?

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Can vaccinations cause autism? Do vaccines containing mercury poison our children? To a portion of the United States population, the answer is yes. They are beliefs that are widely supported by people in the anti-vaccine movement. Vaccines have had a long, rocky history, the most troubling disturbance coming from a 1998 study in which Dr. Andrew Wakefield states that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination is linked to autistic regression in children (Baker, 2008). This study by Dr. Wakefield has since been refuted. Nevertheless, it triggered a wave of skepticism and led many parents to refuse to vaccinate their children (Whelan, 2016). Vaccinations should be mandatory for healthy individuals as they help defend the health and avoid death of the population, provide protection for individuals who are unable to be vaccinated, and help to eliminate serious and potentially fatal illnesses. The basis of vaccinations is to provide immunity from diseases that can have serious complications or even be fatal. They are most effective when administered before contact with the disease, with a few allowing for protection if they are given after exposure. Measles, hepatitis A and B, and rabies are a couple of examples of vaccines that can be administered after exposure (Andre, et al., 2008). Due to the fact that most vaccines need to be given before coming into contact with the disease, it is important to follow the recommended schedule for vaccine administration. According…

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