Can Tv Shows Help You Learn New Language And Culture? Essay

1947 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 null Page
Can TV shows help you learn new language and culture? According to the International Literacy Association, “students spend 45 percent of their day in listening and watching, and they are expected to acquire 85 percent of their knowledge by listening and watching. Because listening is so important, many students learning English have realized that watching television and movies have helped improve their language skills immensely. Watching these programs can also expose you more to the culture. Knowing the culture can lead to a better understanding of the English language, including idioms, humor, accents and phrases that may be unfamiliar to you.” Let’s shed some light on the above lines. It talks about that how learning a new language will also involve grappling with the notion of culture in relation to language. What is culture? How culture and language are intertwined? Gleason (1961) indicated that languages are not only the products of cultures, but also are the symbols of cultures. The development of a language frequently affects its associated culture, and cultural patterns of cognition and custom are often explicitly coded in language. Apparently, language and culture seem as two distinct fields, but they have an intertwined relationship and cannot stand alone; in other words, they affect each other mutually. Certainly, language cannot exist in a vacuum and there is an inevitable kind of “transfusion” at work between language and culture (Fairclough, 1989). Students…

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