Can The Average Homeowner Become A Beekeeper? Essay examples

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Can the Average Homeowner Become a Beekeeper?

The honeybee is the epitome of hard-working, efficient, and self-sacrifice. Americans have a long love affair with the honeybee. The Virginia Company of London sent beehives to the Governor of Jamestown a year after the Mayflower arrived in America (, furthermore; Americans consumed 410 million pounds of honey in 2010 ( Honeybees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we put into our mouths (Vanishing, @ 2:25; Pollination happens by insects and wind (Vanishing, @ 1:45), moreover; bees are directly responsible for pollinating 15 billion dollars ($15,000,000,000) of US food per annum (Vanishing, @11:55; The neighborhood beekeeper is the future of honeybees. Simon Buxton, Author of The Shamanic Way of the Bee, says “The future of beekeeping is not in one beekeeper with 60,000 hives, rather it is 60,000 people with one hive” (Vanishing, @ 32:05). Commercial beekeepers are losing about 1/3 of their hives over the winter, furthermore; loss rates over 20% are unsustainable ( There are plenty of reasons for the average homeowner to help the honeybee; and multitudes of Americans do help the honeybee by providing water sources like water fountains and bird baths and providing nectar by planting flowers, vegetable gardens, and trees. Can we do more to sustain this insect that accomplishes extraordinarily for us? Can the average homeowner become a beekeeper?…

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