Essay about Can Spirituality Exist Without Divinity?

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Can spirituality exist without divinity?
Christianity in its various forms is the religion which ‘affected’ the most human civilization throughout its existence, and has been build upon a series of moral principles that are more or less original, but applicable to any society on the globe. Analyzing the book “Religion As Art Form” and especially the chapter “Changing Relationship: The Ultimate Reality” made me understand certain things and rethink retrospectively others and ask myself “Can spirituality exist without divinity?”!
As any religion around the world, Christianity also has its fundamental book the bible which by some is regarded as being the divine text came from diving inspiration or direct intervention in some cases (i.e., the case of Moses or David). Others look at it as being an ancient literary text inspired from various mythologies predating it and original passages included afterwards. Every text or idea occurred after the first thought of man is characterized by intertextuality, interdependence between texts in which the one created previously influences to a certain extent the text emerging later.
Even if Christian tales from the bible are unique and can’t be found out in other sources as such, the ideas and the roots come from other mythologies the Jews were influenced by in the Old Testament later with the evangelists. Egyptian, Sumerian and others are their sources of inspiration which were transformed according to their needs and aspirations,…

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