Essay about Can Social Networks Be Used? Spark A Revolution?

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Online social networking has allowed for individuals around the globe to be connected to one another. This constant connection allows for information to travel in mere seconds and be shared by millions. Thus, everyone can be informed and updated on current issues. The question that now stands is, can social networks be used to spark a revolution? As well, can it be on a political level? The answer to these questions is yes; social networking can be used to create a revolution in a political concept with liberation and suppression. To gain insight, Facebook and Twitter will be used to showcase their relationship to spreading political awareness via the Arab springs, the LGBT campaign for equal marriage and the ALS ice bucket challenge as well as the documentaries on AIDS and Anonymous. These topics will allow us to see whether or not, social networking can be used to spark a revolution. The Green movement in Iran which led to the Arab Springs, can be used as a case study that shows how a social media revolution can occur. The problem that occurred in Iran was that there was an electoral fraud. This prompted individuals to take to the streets in protest, which progressed to the usage of the internet to attack the government. This movement employed a decentralized network; not centralized around one individual but instead was lead and sustained by ordinary people. The protesters used the virtual world through a process called wave creation; mobilizing people both inside and…

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