Essay about Can North Carolina Get Away With Rolling Back L.g?

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Discrimination has been an ongoing struggle as far back as history can recall, and it is unfortunate that it is still an issue today. We have made tremendous progress for women, African Americans, and other minorities, but we are still in the midst of full rights for the LGBT community. It would be unrealistic to say that this community now has complete equality, especially when states like North Carolina pass laws allowing discrimination and refusal of treatments to the LGBT community. It is our social responsibility, as a country, to ensure the LGBT community receive the same rights and equalities that we have been pushing so hard for. The article that I chose is “Can North Carolina Get Away with Rolling Back L.G.B.T. Rights?” which explains the bill that North Carolina passed that strips the rights from the LGBT community. The excuse for the bill was to only allow people to use the restroom of the gender that matches the gender of their birth certificate, but it was taken as far as blocking cities and counties from protecting them from discrimination (Bazelon). The hype started with Chloe Jefferson, of Greenville Christian Academy when she quoted, “Girls like me should never be made to shower and undress in front of boys,” as she was referring to transgender girls (Bazelon). This is almost inaccurate of her to say, considering the transgender girl looks at herself (and expects the world to look at her) as a girl. Would it make Chloe feel better to be…

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