Can Music Influence the World? Essay

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Can it? Well, according to a lot of people, it already is, but does that mean it will stop doing so? Maybe, maybe not. In my opinion sure, art is and will continue to change our perspectives and the way we think. As well as other factors, such as emotions.
I will be talking about music, can music change the world? If so, how? This is a big question, which until today, is a very controversial topic. For that reason, I will narrow my question down to "can music influence the world?". This seems to be a much more specific question.

So, let's start off with the definition of "music". What is it? Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of
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how is this possible? How fast will we run out of new music? Well, if you were to get one hundred composers, sit them down and tell them to write 100 new melodies every second, they would write every possible one in a mere 248 years.. However new music is not created that fast, so we still have a couple hundred-thousand years of new music.

So back to the main question: "Can music influence the world?". Well, let's start with a similar question: "Can music influence society?" Well... yes, it definitely can, as rock music influenced teenagers around the 50's and 60's, it is definitely possible in the modern era. "Can music influence the world?" though. Most of it, not all of it, we need to take into account that some music will not be heard by everyone in the world. Take "Gangnam Style" for example, as of March 8th 2013, "Gangnam Style" has received a massive 1.4 BILLION views. Which is arguably the most viewed video ever published on the web. BUT, not everyone has in fact, heard "Gangnam Style"... yet. So this means that music can influence the world not as a whole, but in parts, for example, Korea and America the west and the middle-east, but not Australia or Indonesia, or Germany. Music has the potential the influence the world, but we just don't have way to do that yet.

- Mavister
Sources: NOTE: Music is an art in every way. So if you see "ART can ...", think: "MUSIC can ..."

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