Can Law Effect Police Violence

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Police Violence
A Research Paper on How Law Cannot Effect Police Violence Police violence is a serious subject and takes place in a variety of ways. Police violence is defined as, “the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians (Danilina).” Which raises the question of can laws be put into place in order to deal with this issue? Can law bring about the change that is needed in order to reduce police violence? Can the implementation of simple and certain policies such as body cameras, training, or can even intervention in the police institutions help? With training, institutional implementation of certain policy changes, and with the evidence that laws can occasionally bring about social change, there should
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Focusing on social control and social change may hold the key to solving the issue of police violence. How can we control those who are to enforce the law on society? How do we bring about the social change in order to eliminate police violence? The answer is simple, police accountability. When discussing body worn cameras, the notion of accountability was mentioned. Police departments can help in aiding with this dilemma. Requiring police agencies to have them implementation of police use-of-force forms could have an effective impact on police violence. Having police fill out use-of force forms after an incident could help aide in the accountability of police actions. Some agencies required supervisors or multiple persons to complete these forms. The result of using these forms actually increased the number use-of-force related incidents. However, when required the supervisors or multiple persons to fill out a use-of-force form, there have been decreases in the amount of use of forces (Alpert). Both seem to be very good. Officers are holding themselves accountable when filling out the use-of-force form, and have a supervisor fill them out has another level of police accountability. Having the police fill out the form is one way in order to control those how enforce the laws onto …show more content…
1983. This would require the appointment of counsel for defendants who can show that they have been victims of excessive police violence (Mathern). Statistics show that per 100 civilians, there are 9.5 complaints filed against officers. In 2002 there were over 26,000 complaints filed against police officers for excessive use of police force (Mathern). Over half of individuals arrested are either African-American or Hispanic, with approximately four out of five being male (Lee et. al.) There are a variety of obstacles when it comes to civilians trying to partake in the Section 1983. The cost alone is significant, lawyers will not partake if there is not a clear sense of police violence that took place, and the Supreme Court is often limited in enforcing action onto the police department (Mathern). So if an amendment of this rule could take place and allow the Supreme Court to create an institution to protect society against police brutality, similar to that appointment of ‘special master’ in the case of Ruiz v. Estelle, there may be some positive outcomes

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