Can India Become a Superpower? Essay

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Can India become a Superpower?
The question is common and comes in evey mind, the topic is everlasting and in limeline.
For being a superpower a country must have to solve his external and internal conflicts,its true that no country an become a superpower if ts not a developed one and india has yet to devlope andcan be said as an emerging power. Walking on this path is not so smooth you will find thorns that make you lame and sometimes huge rocks are ready to crush you so as India is facing it in this present senario (courption and repeatedly millitant attacks).
India: A brief discription
India so called as democratic country struggling to become a developed country has got a vast
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The reason was, we were not united and till now we are facing the same problem of unity.

Internal conflicts
As disscused above the first problem we face is " Being a united nation but not a united one" that is, we say that India is a secular country, every one can follow his/her religion and yes we are enjoying it alot but somehow religion has divided us. The best example, RESERVATION, it is boldly mark because the worst thing to face and to fight, its quite similar to a railway reservation, for that you have to wait for your call, but it never comes because the middle man has reserved all the tickets for journey, here the middle man are bureaucrats. And on other hand the politicians are using it as a weapon to fill their vote banks, the manner, is giving reservation on the bases of religion and earning votes according to it.
They alone can't be blame because its we who support them for our own cause.
Not only reservation there are many problems like Hindu Muslim conflict, telangana case, diffrent language (yes its also a cause for not being united) etc are also responsible and wrtting on this will take a lot pages and suffcient time.

External conflicts
India is surrounded by lot many neighbours like Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Afganistan and Sri Lanka. India Has bilatreal relation with all its

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