Can Everyone Sit Down, Please? Essay

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Can everyone sit down, please?
This is important.

- Go ahead.
- It 's about the baby.

Me, having a baby.

You 've made yourself clear.

We can 't keep having this conversation.

I 've decided to do it.

- I 'll have Smanga 's child.
- Oh!

- Excellent decision, my baby.
- Now you 're thinking, my girl.

Looks like I won 't be returning home just yet after all.

But I have conditions.


Speak, and we 'll make it happen.

I can 't sleep with Smanga.

- What are you saying now?
- It 'll have to be IVF.

What is that?

What are you talking about now?

Artificial insemination.

No, no, no...

- Not before we settle business.
- Sure.

You know that...

if you need help, we 're here.

Actually, I need men.
Tough men.

The most ruthless soldiers you can offer me.

That 's our thing. Don 't worry.

It 's for a raid.
And it 's going to be dangerous.



But I 'd rather not talk details yet.

Bra Tau, we need details...

so that we can talk numbers.

What kind of building, who is inside...

any lookout points, guards...

I 'm taking on a diamond smuggler.

A man named Zuko.


- That man is a heartless beast.
- Do you know him?

He had some dealings with Gadaffi. I kept my distance, but even then I could see his fangs.

- Too dangerous for you?
- For me, yes.

I 'm no soldier.

But he can be a commander.

- He can find the right men for you.
- Good.

We need to go in strong, or we won 't come out.

- Tell me something good.
- I wish I could...

but the…

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