Essay about Can Cosmetic Testing Be 100 % Cruelty Free?

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Can Cosmetic Testing be 100% Cruelty Free?
Imagine this, your household pet such as a dog, rabbit, guinea pig, etc being put through horrific tests that are designed solely to inflict pain and determine how much damage one product is capable of. What you just imagined is not merely a figure of your imagination, but the harsh reality of cosmetic animal testing. Innocent animals are used everyday in laboratories to determine the level of toxicity, irritancy, and overall lethalness a cosmetic contains before entering the market. Would you be okay with your beloved pet being tortured all for a tube of mascara or deodorant? It is time for us to abolish the use of animals for testing cosmetic products completely, and turn to the alternative methods that are more accurate, inexpensive and completely cruelty free.
When analyzing cosmetic testing in general, one must understand the definition of a cosmetic product- any substance or mixture intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body. Within testing the toxicity of cosmetic products, there are three common tests used on a standard product, the Draize Test, Acute Toxicity Test, and Skin Irritancy Test.
The Draize test, dating back to the early 1940’s consists of rabbit, usually albino, is placed in restraining stocks, their eyelids are held open with clips—in some cases for days at a time—to keep them from blinking away the test solutions. After these solutions are smeared around the rabbit 's…

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