Can Computers Ever Be As Intelligent As Humans? Essay

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Can Computers Ever Be As Intelligent As Humans?
The ongoing controversy that erupted in the past decade brought people’s attention back to the debates between the intelligence of the computer vs the human brain. The distinction between a human and a computer is similar yet implausible. To begin one must identify the denotation of ‘intelligence’. Intelligence is a notion that has the capability to obtain and apply knowledge/ skills, to improve human life as a whole. Therefore, by responding to calculated and non-calculated things. Intelligence has a wide range which can vary from specific to general. This list must first distnguish which types of multiple intelligences does a human have that a computer does not possess. Such as being visual-spatial smart, bodily-kinesthetic smart, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, musical, or being logical -mathematically smart. Intelligence is viewed as the skill to discern, evaluate, and direct the emotions of oneself. Computers are widely considered to be as intellectual as a human however, it heavily lacks communication and emotional skills, which are the essentials that separate the two. Computers can not physically compete with a human brain and it’s capability to process feelings,emotions, or distnguish according to body and facial expressions as one does.

A Human brain as compared to a computer is very complex. Similar to a brain the Computer Processing Unit controls and operates numerous functions at once.…

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