Essay on Can Competition And Cooperation Co Exist?

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Can Competition and Cooperation Co-Exist?
We learn about competition at a very young age. From a very young age we are told to always do our best and strive to be a number one. Sometimes people have on mind the idea of being a winner too much that they don’t know how to lose. First we compete at home with our brothers and/or sisters to get most attention, to be the most loved by our parents, to compete in school with friends to get better grades or to get perfect attendance, or to get student of the month certificate, to graduate on time, to the teacher’s most preferred student. We also compete in sports, to be the best player, or be the most qualified to play, or the fastest, or the tallest. This is when the problem arises; people start competing and start cooperating. Competition and cooperation do exist in the workplace. People compete because they want to shine, or because they want to be on the top of other people.
People does not want to feel like failures while in other cases people might want a raise on their check or maybe a promotion. People can compete because of envy because they see others progressing and they would like to be in the same spot or on the same level as the people they are competing with. Success depends on competition and at the same time leads to cooperation. When people compete they acquire knowledge, and also people may do things fast because they want to be the best on the company they are working for, the person is competing and also helping…

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