Can China Rise Without Creating Military Tension with America and Its Neighbours in the Asia Pacific Area?

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Can China rise without creating military tension with America and its neighbours in the Asia Pacific Area? Having a powerful and strong neighbour can be both a good thing and a worrying one at the same time. China, the East Asia Giant, is a powerful neighbour whose influence on the international platform today can no longer be underestimated. Its backyard, which namely is the Asia Pacific Area, is composed of by great forces such as Japan, South Korea, India etc., which are all allies of the U.S.A, and small or medium sized countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam etc., as well as a politically sensitive region -- Taiwan, which is regarded as a ‘lost territory’ by Beijing. It is this kind of unique layout of powers in the Asia Pacific Area …show more content…
Will China tolerate America getting in its way in the possible retrieval of Taiwan? And ultimately: Will America tolerate the rise of China?


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John Mearshimer believes that America will probably treat China in the way it treated the Soviet Union in the Cold War.3 However to fight a war and win it is a big challenge for a country’s military capability. So does China have the capability to get its ‘lost territory’ back regardless of possible U.S. intervention? It's estimated that it’s impossible for China’s current military capability to prevent the U.S. from dominating its coastline. Also it has been mentioned by military scholars that China is not able to conquer Taiwan with its current capability. 4 Moreover, it has been mentioned by YU Xintian that with the increasingly tightened global cooperation of politics and economy the foundation of a harmonious world has been established. 5 He argued that though the U.S. won the Iraq War

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