Can China Rise Peaceful Essay

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America is and still the number one richest and powerful country on earth beside China.China is the world 's second-largest country in terms of his economy and his population. Nowadays chinese influences are everywhere.Can China rise peaceful?Can America maintain it number one position in the future? what will be the relationship between America and China?If China become number one will most of the world be communist countries like China or will they still be democratic countries? Can one day Chinese Yuan be the most traded currency on the planet?
In chapter 11 “ China faces the future” page 322 it state that there are many reasons to feel that China can sustain its current momentum and take advantage of future opportunities to continue its
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The question is can China rise peaceful? in my opinion , I know that the United States will do everything to prevent China to be a regional hegemon , United States is already allies with South Korea , Japan , Vietnam , Singapore so these countries join with Unites States may restrain China or chinese power ; it may result in an extraordinary security competition with perhaps in an extensive potential for war . So it will be difficult for China to become a regional hegemon and rise peaceful.By knowing that China may or may not be rise peacefully the question can be reformulated by can China rise peacefully or can china by rising become a threat to it competitor which is United …show more content…
also, that is the reason Dengxiaoping demands communism with chinese attributes. On the off chance that we are sorting china as socialist or not-comrade taking into account state control of the method for generation, there is a few premise for saying that china is socialist in spite of the fact that generation is no

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