Can Capitalism Be Just Essay

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Can Capitalism be Just?
Is capitalism moral or immoral? Is it justifiable? To know if Capitalism can be just, you must fully know what Capitalism is. Adam Smith the father of modern capitalism, was a philosopher who was a part of the Enlightenment era and believed in having a free market economy. Socially capitalism is built off the principles of individuals and their rights and politically it is built on the system termed laissez-faire also known as freedom. Capitalism is the economic and political system by which the trade and industry markets are ran by private owners rather than government involvement or interference. Capitalism brings emphasis to a person’s individual rights as business and property owners; allowing one to
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They make the rules, which could cause the working class to suffer and feel alienated on account that they cannot find employment. Exploitation and alienation of people just because they are considered to be in a different class, is not acceptable in a society. Another imperfection of a capitalist society that people tend to have a problem with is, is the ownership of the means of production. The people that provide the services and produce the goods are owned by the capitalist who profit off of their work. Karl Marx was the father of Marxism, he disagreed with the foundation of capitalism and had an issue because he felt that the division of class could cause the wage earners to be devalued and alienate a person down to nothing. He thought that it was immoral to take a man’s work from him and not allow him ownership when that is all he had for himself. He believed that the greed and self-interest that capitalism imposes could turn families against each other causing inequalities throughout families. Capitalism does create opportunities but the working class are not able to take advantage of the opportunities provided because of the class they fall into.
Also in a capitalist society, down falls exist in the way that too many people rely on the government to provide help and assistance. In a purely capitalist world government programs such as public schools
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Even though there are questionable ethics and consequences involved in all social systems there is good that can come out of it. Capitalism can be morally justified in the means that a class division creates structure and balance. According to, “Capitalism is presented as a 'natural ' system, formed a bit like mountains or land masses by forces beyond human control, that it is an economic system ultimately resulting from human nature.” Having a class division allows everyone to play a part within the society. Not everyone can be a part of the wealthy class and not everyone is capable of doing certain jobs; everyone has their own skill set. So if everyone were wealthy or were a part of the working class there would be no services and production of goods therefore leading to no distribution. Capitalism creates greed and self-interest. Greed and self-interest within a society establishes motivation and competition in the free markets. Free markets are a system based on the economic system that allow the consumers who buy the goods to set the prices of goods and allows for competition between privately owned businesses to be unrestricted. Business owners are allowed to be innovative and develop new products without the government interfering. According to James Doti, “Not only do I believe that self-interest benefits society, but I also contend that it is the only efficient way goods can be produced and

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