Can Alternative Energy Replace Fossil Fuels Essay

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Can Alternative Energy Effectively replace fossil fuels?

Have you ever wondered if the world would be a cleaner place with humans harnessing the earth 's natural energy? The issue of whether or not alternative energies are able to efficiently replace fossil fuels, with low cost and low harm to the environment, remains controversial today. An alternative resource is one that is intended to replace another without the unwanted side effects ("Alternative”). Scientists and environmentalists are striving to figure out if alternative energies are effective in categories such as economics, ethics, politics, and the environment.


The most common fossil fuels include natural gas, fuel oil, and coal. The main reason why we use fossil
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Harnessed by Solar Panels, also known as Photovoltaic Systems (PV), can prevent the burning of large amount of coal, which harms the atmosphere (“Alternative Energy”). They also prevent acid rain, urban smog, and pollution. 110,00 pounds of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas which harms the environment, can be kept out of the the atmosphere for the next twenty five years with one 1.5 PV system (“Alternative Energy”). While visiting India on January 26th, 2015, Obama also discussed the push for solar energy in India, with ambitions of spreading solar panels all over area three times larger than Mumbai, India’s most populous city. The solar market is expected to accelerate, as solar gets cheaper and with the gaining experience of local and international governments. Behind the United States and China, India 's global emissions are the third highest and these three countries are making efforts to stop fossil fuel pollution …show more content…
Examining this issue, scientifically and ethically can provide further insight to which alternatives give the best outcome locally and globally, for the humans and the environment. As we push toward a more cleaner world, many politicians and scientists have searched for alternatives which will not harm the environment yet are still efficient and effective. Many evidence and benefits of these alternative energies point toward it being useful to integrate into our society

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