Can Advertising Aimed Naturally At Large Audiences? Essay

1256 Words Dec 20th, 2016 6 Pages
1. A) Could advertising aimed naturally at large audiences, avoid stereotypes? Yes, advertisement can be naturally aimed at large audiences while avoiding stereotypes by aiming at a collective need or shared common ground many share; In my opinion to have an effective ad, there should be people, places, and things that people want to relate themselves with. Everyone’s different in one way or another, therefore by displaying diversity, painting people in a different light, displaying enjoyment, and in reverse displaying the dissatisfaction stirred by being without what’s advertised can gets the desirable results. For example, Mountain Dew run commercials that align them self with the NBA. Basketball is a very popular sport with a diverse fan base, many people enjoy playing and watching as a pastime. One particular commercial that answers the question is the “DEW X NBA: Make An Introduction” ad. It features NBA players like Russell Westbrook, and Jimmy Butler, and in one of the shots featuring Butler; an employee at a prop mini-mart is mopping the floor where Butler gives him a head nod signaling to grab a mountain dew beverage from the fridge, and then the employee proceeds to dunk it in a shopping basket butler is holding, they then show ecstatic emotions; similar to when a Pro basketball player makes an aggressive dunk at the basket in an official game. In that shot it show regular people are like NBA superstars with mountain dew and the vice versa is true. The commercial…

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