Essay on Can A Tiger Change Its Stripes?

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I’m fully surprised by the contradiction discovered and wonder if I could have been closer to reaching my goals, by better understanding the ‘why’ behind some of my answers on the Self-Esteem Assessment. Although, I truly believe that the results of this assessment, and my answers, would be completely different if taken ten years ago. This begs the age old question of “can a tiger change its stripes?” For example, question number 8 (What aspects of those jobs did I enjoy?), references the jobs held since I was 16. I really enjoyed working with people, yet on question number 16, I realized that my preference leans toward jobs where I work alone at a percentage of 40/60. While I am certainly not anything near what could be considered as a “loner”, I have most recently tested on the Myers-Briggs assessment as an introvert, when in previous years, it always pegged me as being an extrovert. This assessment still confuses me because I really do enjoy working with and around others, but there are just many times now that I would prefer to accomplish a task on my own or with maybe one other person versus a group. A second example is shown in how I get along least with the very group of people I want to help in my goal role of CEO; responsible for mentorship, development and motivation of all employees. I want to help motivate lazy, mean people and those with limited goals or aspirations. I prefer to deal with self-assured people. My only hope is that I do not come…

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