Can A Specific Diet Help The Treatment Of Cancer? Essay

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Can a specific diet help in the treatment of cancer?

Have you ever wondered if the treatment of cancer might depend on the nutrition of a person who is suffering this disease? Studies have shown that a good nutrition is essential to have effective results in the treatment of cancer, also having a useful diet will increase the healing factors. Eating the right types of foodstuffs before, during, and after treatment will help to preserve and support you to feel healthier and stay stronger. Deficiency of appetite is common through cancer cure. Some treatments can make food flavor disagreeable. As stated Sarah Rafat, RD, a senior dietician at MD Anderson Cancer Center "Even though you don 't feel like eating, it 's important to get adequate nutrition". There are some suggestions to follow when eating, in order to get great results on the treatment of cancer.
The first suggestion on this diet are meats, poultry, fish, and protein. Meat is very important in any diet; however, like almost everything, it has its pros and cons. You should avoid eating processed meats like hot dogs, cold cuts, sausage, and tough meats with gristle. Some examples of the nutrient-rich meals are eggs, tofu, fish and shellfish, smooth peanut butter, ground meat, and tender cuts of meat. This will keep your body functioning and also will produce and repair the red blood cells, enzymes, and hormones in the body. People who don’t eat enough protein may need to use protein supplements, but having a good…

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