Essay on Can A Murderer 's Philosophy Be Moral?

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Can a murderer’s philosophy be moral? Some of life 's hardest problems require one to take a moral stance on an issue. The difficult part is not the action of taking the stance, but figuring out if that stance would be seen as moral. The morality of such stances cause debates all over the world, as the morality of the stance can differ from person to person. As Benedict states, “A normal action is one which falls well within the limits of expected behavior for a particular society,” and the expected behavior for such society can be seen as a list of criteria that is always changing because of culture (137). Benedict’s depiction is also true for morality, because, in society, the morality of an action is directly equated to its normality. However, this equality is only present when the normality of one’s culture does not disturb that of another’s. Rachels may present that the consequences of moral relativism show “Why Morality is Not Relative,” but his arguments are falsely supported. With false supporting, the consequences do not stand, and moral relativism remains as the “key to understanding morality” (139). The placement of the society in time plays a big factor in considering the morality of an action. Through time, the morality of a situation is most likely to have changed along with the society. For example, 18th-century slavery helped America grow at a rapid pace and was seen as the moral thing to do. Most 18th century pilgrims believed that the beneficial effects…

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