Campus Parking Rooms: A Narrative Fiction

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Carlos’s head snapped up as the door to his dorm was unceremoniously flung open, revealing a very pissed off Cecil Palmer.
“Carlos.” He growled, slamming the door shut so forcefully Carlos cringed. He was breathing heavily as if he had been running, blonde hair askew and messy. The blonde man was seething, pacing back in forth in silence, hands clutching his arms. Carlos had never seen Cecil this angry before. Sure, he had seen some mild annoyance when the T.V sometimes burst into flames (which, Carlos could never figure out the cause of) or the washing machine ate his socks again; but overall Cecil was a very cheerful and bright person…Besides all the existential rants and bouts melancholy monologues.
“Cecil, what’s wrong?” Carlos began, unsure
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Cecil’s head rose slowly, eyes meeting Carlos’s.
“Steve Carlsberg.”
. . .
Campus parking spaces aren’t assigned individually, but after a few months of parking in the same place it’s generally understood that that’s your parking spot.
So when Cecil saw a certain tan corolla with dull and dented hubcaps pulling into (what he deemed) his parking space, he quite literally lost his shit.
Now, if Cecil had gotten out of the car and confronted Steve like the adult he was supposed to be, he would have found that it wasn’t Steve Carlsberg at all. But, Cecil is not the adult that he is supposed to be, so he continued to curse loudly, hit reverse and speed away in the general direction of Carlos’s dorm.
. . .
“Can we set his car on fire?” Cecil asked. “I hate that corolla. He doesn’t even take care of it, Carlos! Have you seen its hubcaps? I’m sure we would be doing it a favor by putting it out of its misery!”
“Okay, Cecil, there are two things wrong with that. One, it’s a car; Scientifically Speaking, it is an inanimate object, so therefore doesn’t have feelings or emotions. And two, that’s arson and we can go to jail for that.”
“Find his laundry basket and wash his whites with a red

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