Campus And Off Campus Life Essay

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It is an on-going heated debate regarding on-campus and off-campus life as to which surpasses others. However both have their brighter and darker pictures, which make them equally a best choice for many and still in many ways, a bad one too. Living on campus and living off campus each one comes up with a diverse and significant kind of experience for the student. There are however pros and cons to each and it majorly depends on the student himself whether it is best suited for him to stay on-campus or off-campus. (
Living on-campus has undoubtedly numerous advantages for the students as it makes their lives less hectic and also a source of immense learning and socializing. As mentioned earlier there are pros and cons to each. Living on campus necessarily means that the student surpasses the comfort of his own home and travels to a new locality for the sake of living. Students are facilitated within their homes in various ways. Parents tend to take of them and assist them in their tasks as they spend significant time to their studies. This is a general practice, which can be witnessed in many of the families. This comfort however is completely abolished when a child starts living on campus. However various advantages come in hand. It creates possibility of easy convenience and accessibility to the school preventing wastage of time and letting students save their valuable time as each second is precious in student life. It encourages them to work…

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