Campus Advocates Respond And Educate Students On Sexual Assault

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Campus Advocates Respond and Educate and the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life will partner up to host, “Stop the Violence, Break the Silence, an all day event that serves to educate and bring awareness to college students on sexual assault. The event will educate students on how to eliminate their own risk, become a positive bystander, clear up myths and obtain valuable information, and provide support for student victims. The event consists of there different activities: a race, a information expo, and viewing of a documentary.

Goals / Objectives

The are two goals that this public campaign strives to accomplish. First, we want to bring awareness to the issue. We want students to recognize that it is a major issue here on campus and be aware of the prevalence of it. Our second goal is to educate students. We want students to know how to act to fight sexual assault. With the proper education students will be able to be more knowledgeable on the topic, which can in turn eliminate their own risk and/or help other students out. Essentially these are the objective we aim to reach:

1. Educate the University of Maryland community about sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking in an effort to raise awareness.
2. To support victims of sexual assault by creating a safe an supportive environment hat provides them with all the help they need.
3. Inform other students on how to be a positive bystander and prevent situations that could be leading to a sexual…

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