Camps And How It Has Affected Him Essay

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Night is a nonfiction book explaining Elie Wiesel 's experiences in many different concentration camps and how it has affected him. The book begins with elie studying Kabbah like his father wants him too. Sadly he is just not understanding the main pieces of the religion.Ellie gets help help from Moishe the Beadle to help him with his studies. Most the beetle was supposedly some kind of Person who could tell the future. He said the Germans were coming and that they were bad. The only problem was no one believed him. The Germans did come, but they stayed in the houses and did not do any harm at first. After a while the Germans gave the Jews 3 rules that way they cannot leave their homes for 3 days, they could have no valuables, and they must wear the yellow star of David at all time. Elie 's father had a special meeting with the council people who lived in the town of sighet they knew that the Jews be taken but they did not want to make everyone frantic.

The Jews were told they were being relocated but were never told that they were going to a concentration camp. The soldiers told the jews to label their thing very carefully as it will be returned to them. The suitcases were seared through since valables could have been stored in them and the Jews never got their belongings back. Ellie and his father rode in a cattle car with 100 other jews. There was no food or water and it was very hot on the ride to the concentration camp the jews did not know about. Mrs. Schachter, a…

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