Campinha-Bacote Model Analysis

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According to Campinha-Bacote Model of Cultural Competence (2008), cultural assessments should be completed on the individual basis. The values, beliefs and practices of each client should be considered when providing health care services. The Campinha-Bacote Model is centered on five concepts. The five concepts are as follow:
Cultural Awareness: The nurse is subtle to the values, beliefs, practices/lifestyle of the client and recognizes his/her own values, biases and prejudices.
Cultural Knowledge: This subdivision of the model covers the nurses’ understanding about other cultures and altered worldviews. When the nurse is able to understand facets of culturally/ethnically diverse groups he/she should feel self-confident in each encounter with
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This patient was born into the faith and had not known any other faith except for this one. This religion I personally have experienced because I was raised in a household that practiced the same religion. I do not currently practice that faith because I have alternative religious views however, I have learned to be mindful every clients values, beliefs and practices regardless of my personal beliefs.
My client was severely anemic and refused to accept any blood products to aid in the improvement of this abnormal state. The reason for the client declining the blood products regardless of the possible outcome of his medical situation is because Jehovah Witnesses DO NOT accept major blood products. It is against their religious beliefs.
As a future nurse, I can see I this can impact our mission of healing the sick and improving the prevention of illness. We want our patients to be proactive in situations before they escalate to irreversible states or even death.
Every Jehovah Witness may or may not refuse blood/blood products and it is the clients’ individual choice however, medical providers need to be aware and mindful of the cultural practices that differ from their own. Medical providers may not understand why a client would choose to die instead of receive two units of red packed blood cells to increase his hemoglobin and

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