Personal Experiences-Personal Narrative

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I got invited to go on a camping trip with some friends in the Adirondack mountains, and being 16 years old, my parents thought I was old enough to go on this trip by myself. I was so excited! I was thinking of all the fun things I could do in a place that I’ve never been too; kayaking, swimming, fishing. I got invited in January and the trip was in September, so I had a lot of time to pack and get prepared. I was going to be there for ten days so I got a new camping grade backpack. Being the avid fisherman that I am, the first thing that came to my mind was what could I catch in New York? Living in Florida for 12 years I was excited to go for some species of fish in a totally new environment. So, I started buying fishing gear, lures, rods, …show more content…
I am so happy to finally get the trip started. I meet up with my friends and we take a ferry to our campsite. We take the truck to the campsite and start setting up camp. I set up my tent on the edge of the river we were staying on. At this point the only thing I had in mind was getting a pole in the water! So, even before I had all my stuff set up I took the canoe and went fishing. The scenery was breathtaking as I paddled up this offshoot of the river. The air was crisp, the trees had just started to change colors, and the bite was good. I was thrilled when I caught the first fish of the trip, it was a yellow perch. They travel in schools so I tied the canoe to a tree and was there for hours pulling them out one by one. At the end of the first day, my arms were tired and I had a stringer full of fish. I knew what I was having for dinner that night. I brought my filet knife and started working away at the pile of fish. We grilled half of the fish and fried the other half. Everyone was full, and we decided to call it a night. While everyone else was asleep, I sat next to my tent for a few hours just looking at the night sky and listening to the geese and loons. I was in awe of nature’s presence in that

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