Campbell Soup Advertisement Analysis

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Mmm! Mmm! Good! Campbell’s Soup has been around for quite some time. Founded in 1869, the red and white can is known by most of the world today. Campbell’s has been using advertisements for more than 110 years. Over time, Campbell’s Soup advertisements have shifted from pleasing a significant other to being the best version of oneself and eating healthy.
The advertisement with the couple in the kitchen is from 1944. It shows a man leaning over and smelling the pot of soup that is on the stove with his wife behind him. He is smelling the soup because he is interested in what his wife is making him for supper. The creator of this ad includes a couple in it to show that Campbell's Soup helps couples connect. The viewer can tell he likes it because
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The ad designer does this to make it look like something consumers would want to eat. If it did not look appetizing, there would be less of a chance that customers would want to buy it. The viewer can tell that the stove top is on by the red ring around the bottom of the pot and the steam emerging from the saucepan. The person who made this ad did this because the soup is best served warm. The stove top looks similar to one that would be common during the era. Just like what the woman is wearing, the creator makes it current so that viewers can relate to the advertisement.
The designer of this advertisement includes an image of a can of Campbell's Soup on the right side of the ad. This helps the reader know what to look for in grocery stores. The bright red contributes to the overall look of the advertisement, and it makes the soup can stand out compared to the space around it. The use of this can also fill in some of the empty space leading to a more complete
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Campbell’s Soup is Good for You,” the writer says that it “plays a significant part in a healthy, well-balanced diet.” This appeals to readers because at the time fitness and health were very popular fads. All women wanted to have tone muscles and that started with what they ate. The author went on in the next couple sentences to state the nutrients and vitamins in the soup. The writer tried to interest women who would read this ad by including the health benefits of eating Campbell’s Soup. The author uses university research as a source of credibility in the ad. “Calorie for calorie” and “more nutritionally balanced than an apple” are phrases that the author uses to show the reader that real research has been done. For people worried about calorie intake “calorie for calorie” can really impact their decision for buying the product. “More nutritionally balanced than an apple” can make possible customers reconsider what they want to buy.
In each headline of the text, the author repeats “Good Food.” There are a couple meanings behind this. One is that the soup tastes good. The soup is so flavorful that it makes the consumer’s mouth water. The other meaning behind “Good Food” is that it benefits the health of the customer. With all of the research on calories, vitamins, and likelihood of becoming sick, readers can assume that this is a very healthy soup. The repetition helps the reader remember that the soup is very nutritious. They

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