Campbell Soup Essay

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Company Objectives
The company’s objective is to enable business and operational success through integrated world class solutions and development by utilizing the organizational restructure of the Engineering and R&D departments. Having a centralized organization with a decentralized engineering department makes meeting the company objective quite difficult. Also, if the company’s objective does not align with the department specific objectives Campbell Soup is setting their selves up for failure. Sales and Marketing are concerned with increasing market share and gaining profit, while the Plants are worried about operational performance, and Engineering is focused on individual parts of the system. In order to have a successful company
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Problems - Not having meetings. Plants not being involved.

There isn’t any real data analysis in this case. We analyzed the data to prove significance in the other sections.

2. What should Elsner do about Plastigon?
Alternative Strategies
Elsner has a few options available to him
Continue the current development plan that his predecessors have started
Scrap Plastigon and move towards a container that imitates proven microwaveable products
Centralize the current development plan and roll out the Plastigon line.
2. Each of these options has their pro’s and con’s.
Continuing current development as planned has proven to be costly and slow, but is the most obvious route.
Scrapping Plastigon will most likely guarantee a successful microwaveable container, but will prove to be unpopular due to the substantial investment in Plastigon.
Centralizing the development is the “middle option” allowing Elsner to have a more focused approach on the existing plan. This could cause more issues within Campbell because of their decentralized development teams though.

Campbell has already committed a large amount of human and financial capital, $10M, into developing the Plastigon production line. They want a return on their investment. Although they have lost the first mover advantage to other companies that have entered with shelf-stable microwavable products they still have a superior product

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