Descriptive Essay On Camp Cornhusker

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Walking in the thick woods of Camp Cornhusker, the sun is seeping through the treetops while walking into what seems like a thousand thorny bushes. When everyone stops for a water break, someone counts to make sure that everyone is all there. “Seven people.” announced Ian, a tall slender guy who always has a bandana wrapped his neck for some odd reason. In a very concerned voice the leader of the group, Zach Cole who works as the aquatics director, quizzically recited the number seven to himself, “didn’t we just have eight?”
The staff at Boy Scouts’ of America’s, Camp Cornhusker in Humboldt, Nebraska wanted some adventure. It had been weeks of doing the same job as if on repeat and not we finally had two days to do whatever we wanted. ‘Camp
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We sat in the grass for a bit, drank water, and pondered around from some time when I noticed something shiny lying on the ground. “Ian! Look what I found!!” I yelled over to the group he skipped over, the rest of the group (we had just counted seven), wondering on after him. We examined the shiny tin object that was light in weight and smooth to the touch and realized that it was a pan from a mess kit. Ian figured that someone had lost it. Everyone else agreed. I handed him the pan and he examined it some more. When he flipped it over there was a number eight carved on it. “That’s weird” came out quietly of my mouth, but I just shrugged my shoulders along with Ian. Zach made announcement that we should probably start heading back. I skipped through the abundance of weeds and grasses that were thin and green and much taller than I was. ‘They had to be at least six and a half feet,’ I thought to myself. As I skipped through the tall grasses, trying to jump to be taller, Zachery was right on my heels skipping too. Zach got mad at the two of us for getting so far of everyone else since they kept at a walking pace. When they caught up, Zach counted eight. So did

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