Camp Cimi Experience Essay

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When we arrived at Camp CIMI, my roommates and I headed off to our assigned dorms. We were in Owl and our room was 120 B; thankfully it was near the bathrooms. After choosing our bunks, and setting all of our stuff down, everyone started to pull out their defenses in case someone attempted to prank us. When everybody became tired of playing cards, we unpacked, once we were finished, our room looked like a town that had been hit by a tsunami. However, it was during the night when the fun started. That night some people, that I will not mention, decided to ding-dong-ditch our room. A few people in my dorm became extremely annoyed, went outside, and did the same thing back to the pranksters. However, they had to sprint back to our dorm to …show more content…
We poked a hole in it with the squid’s spine, then used the tip of the spine to draw on ourselves with the ink. I decided not to because the ink smelled as well. After, finishing the activity, we went down to the beach to eat s’mores since it was our last night at Camp CIMI. Although, the activities during the day were extremely fun, I think that the night activities completed the amazing trip.

Although being in our dorms was much fun, we spent most of our time in our study groups, which were organized by the teachers. Everyone in my group had a unique personality, which made the trip an exciting and wonderful experience. Out of all of the activities, the two that I enjoyed the most were the tide pools and shark lab. One of the main reasons I remember the tide pool lab is that our guide, Kelly, told us to gather around the crab and lobster tank. She told us that she was going to take a lobster out of the tank. Then, she reached in, picked the lobster up, and threw it at my friend, Brian! He screamed and jumped out of the way to avoid it. After everyone finished laughing at the fact that the lobster she threw at him was fake, we continued as she showed us to our next lab. I have never touched a shark before, so I was excited when we were given the opportunity touch one. Once we finished learning about the sharks’ senses, their anatomy, and how they interact with other animals, we moved on

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