Essay on Camila

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The film "Camila" was produced in 1984 and directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg (1922-1955). Based on the true story of Camila O'Gorman, an Argentine woman who falls in love with a priest in 1840's Buenos Aires, this story dealt with the terrifying reign of Juan Manuel de Rosas. Camila is from an influential family and is betrothed to a Rosas loyalist. She is passionate and daring, just like her grandmother, and reads books that have been censored by the ruthless Rosas. When she falls in love with Father Ladislao, the two flee Buenos Aires and assume new identities as school teachers in a small village. During a party, a priest from Ladislao's old church recognizes Ladislao and turns them both in. They are both executed by firing squad …show more content…
The shot is from overhead, allowing the viewer to see a variety of action. The dark uniforms of the guards contrast with the clothing of the onlookers. Artificial lighting is used to show the devastation of Camila and to separate her from the rest of the crowd. This "emphasizes the upper classes disregard for the social crisis of Rosas and foreshadows Camila's tragic end" (Barrera). Also, the people fill the right side of the screen and seem to go on farther than the audience sees. This represents the vast influence of the Rosas regime. Another important scene is when Camila goes to confession and professes her love for Ladislao. Only her face is seen, surrounded by the edges of the confession screen. This displays how trapped she is and how helpless she is to stop her love or to fight Rosas. When the view switches to Ladislao, two things are important. The outline of the confession screne shadowed on his face represents the bars that will confine him both when he elopes and must hide, and when he is arrested. Also, half of his face is shadowed and half is lit. The light side shows he love for God and loyalty to the church (Barrera). The shadowed half shows the side that feels guilty because he knows he is sinning by loving Camila. So, he too feels torn and helpless. After they escape, there is a scene when Ladislao has

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