Film Analysis: 12 Angry Men

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The movie, 12 Angry Men, directed by Sidney Lumet is truly a work of art. Lumet was clearly meticulous in his direction of 12 Angry Men by making sure to key in on specific points. This meticulous direction, by Lumet, is evident in the camera elements incorporated into the film. Lumet’s incorporation of the camera elements: camera work and costume and make-up greatly added to the overall effect of the movie. The most influential camera element that was used in the film was camera work. Lumet chose to incorporate a variety of different methods of camera work including camera shots, angles, and camera movement into his film. While the film consisted of long shots, medium shots, and American shots, the close-up shots seemed to dominate the …show more content…
Lumet obviously worked closely with the costume designer and make – up artist during the direction of the film. While the film is in black-and-white, the careful consideration of the clothing is apparent. The use of texture is important amongst the clothing choices. The textures used help to show the material that the costumes are made of. By looking at this aspect of the costumes, you can identify the economic status of the jurors. The twill jackets and tacky patterns reveal a person that comes from a low economic status while the solid colored and shiny black suits indicate a person of a high economic status. The men who wear their jackets most of the way through the movie are more in-likely from a higher status than the men who remove their jackets. The same came be said about the ties. The men who removed their tie was from a lower economic status. Another thing to note about the costumes is the juror in the white suit. The juror in the white suit, is consistently the only juror to give a verdict of not guilty. The use of the color white could show the innocence of the character or to reflect the fact that he is the only one that thinks the plaintiff is innocent. The make-up artist seemed to keep a more minimalist approach to the hair. The hair was neatly kept, and it was either neatly gelled or slicked back. Another key aspect that the make-up artist keyed in on was the sweaty appearance.

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