Stereotypes In Billy Elliot

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To this day, there are stereotypes all around the world and it is hard not to notice. A stereotype is where one particular group or person is placed somewhere on a scale and fitted into a social hierarchy. This can be at work, school or any other social environment. In the film Billy Elliot directed by Stephen Daldry is a heart-warming movie about the chase of dreams even against the prospects of society. Daldry uses a diversity of camera angles and shots and music that has helped depict the movie and the emotion that are present during the film. Some directors rely on stereotypes to make a character easily identifiable whereas other directors break those stereotypes.

Set in 1984, this movie takes place in the small British coal mining town of Durham. Billy Elliot goes to boxing lessons every week but he knows that he isn’t very good. Life at home is quite tough due to the fact that his brother Tony and his father are striking miners. After a lesson of boxing goes wrong, Billy is told to stay behind and practice his techniques, this is when he gets intrigued by the young girls dancing ballet. Soon he is joining their classes and is the only boy in a crowed
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The most common technique in this film, similar many others is the camera angles. In this film, Billy is portrayed as a young boy who just wants to achieve his dream even if it means having to do it alone. Not only did the director produce a heat-warming movie about a boy achieving his dreams but he also used the correct techniques to help the audience see what each character was feeling namely Billy Elliot. He showed the importance of the pursuit of your dreams even when it went against the public norm. The different shots in this movie were used to add impact and emotion and the selection of music helped amplify the directors main point which was that a dream can be more than a dream through hard work and

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