Cambridge Tesol Celta Lessons from the Classroom Essay

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Cambridge TESOL CELTA 08/07/2013

Assignment 2.4: Lessons from the classroom

Part One: Evaluation of my teaching practice:

I am compiling this self-evaluation report after my third teaching practice in the classroom. My teaching time lasted 40 minutes each time, and my class size varied between 15 and 16 students (ss) at a time. Classes comprised a good mixture of foreign ss, representing various European and non-European nationalities and cultures.
The feedback I received on all TP sessions emphasised on my confidence in delivering the teaching practices which was good and encouraging. The other positive element of delivering the lesson that came out of the feedback was my interaction and engagement with the students
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All of the above strengths are mainly improvements achieved over a period of time of TP. The main issue though remains unsolved, which is that of time. It is the time constrained session to 40 minutes. I always prepare more activities for the lesson than the actual delivery time allows, and remains a constant issue for me. Sometimes I get delayed even further when learners ask challenging questions during the lesson. Some of those challenging questions I don’t anticipate, a fact which uncovers a second awkward issue, which is that of planning, anticipating and seeking solutions.
Time management:
My time management remains a constant and ongoing issue for me, no matter how harder I try each time to speed up the lesson delivery, and somehow I always manage to go over the allowed maximum delivery time of 40mn. I now have decided to produce an extra Lesson Plan specially designed for me to use, and to keep an eye on, when I am teaching. It lists all my tasks numbered individually, on a piece of A4 sheet, and I put a scheduled time against each task, followed by a finish time for that particular task. That way it should help me check task time individually after or while is being delivered, (eg. Check time on wall while ss are doing exercises individually or in pairs), then tick each finished task on that plan as I go. I would of course always allow for an extra couple of minutes or so for all those unsuspected emerging items/questions (on top

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