Cambodian American Culture Conclusion

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Social Inclusion:
The social inclusion of Cambodian Americans into an American society is different from many other South eastern countries. The Cambodians was one of the many ethnic groups to be labeled as refugees, and because they were refugees they tend to stay to themselves. Cambodians value their family structures so they do not want to give up their previous ways of life. Assimilating to the American culture is very difficult to many Cambodian families, due to cultural differences, physical and mental trauma, education, the feeling of belonging, economic concerns, and family and communities structures.
Cambodian American cultural values can be viewed as a hybrid of both the traditional Cambodian values with the combination of the
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Family is very important part of their community, everyone rely on one another. Cambodian American are slowly assimilating into American custom by being apart of the American society. They are living with housing paid for by government funding. Many families are losing their tradition, the first generation of the family spoke in Khmer because they are unable to understand English, the second generation speak both English and Khmer since they grew up in America and their parents spoke Khmer, and by the third generation a lot of the children does not speak Khmer. Even if many Cambodian American forget their roots they will still rely on their family. Family is a big part in everyone lives not just the Cambodian but everyone as …show more content…
Many Cambodian American children grow up speaking English and sometime Khmer, speaking Khmer is often rare for children but some are still taught the language and customs. Cambodian Americans have their own churches and temples, and at theses religious places is like a common religious building people pray and they have good time. Children are being taught that education is important and must not be given up. If it gets tough just ask for help, there is nothing wrong with not knowing, I was taught by my family if you do not ask then you are the one at fault. Everything is being given to you and your not excepting it. My mother always says that being born and raised in America is that I would never the true experience of poverty and pain. The children of Cambodian American who are born and raised on the United States never felt the pain of leaving their home and the lost of a culture. Since many children are not learning tradition they are taking their family and community for granted. All of these issues presented in this section of social inclusion is due to from the results of the memories of war, the lost of value of tradition, and that people stopped believing in themselves. Cambodian American are viewed as a subgroup of Southeast Asians who are not educated and are stuck in poverty. With these issues many people can fight back by showing the community that they are educated and

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