Calvin Klein IMC Plan Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communications
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Executive Summary 3
• Product Description
• Management Responsibility
• Geographic Location & Length of the Campaign

Situational Analysis
• Current Market Position
• Company Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Opportunity
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This campaign is based in Sydney due to the large population, climatic trends (hot summers) and the extensive demand for premium swimwear. The campaign is to run from the beginning of Spring 2013 , ensuring early exposure in that consumers know of the product before the summertime ‘rush’ for swimwear commences, and to run until the end of autumn; the end of summer 2014, therefore ensuring relevant mass exposure to the target audience.

Situational Analysis

Current Market Position
Product Range & Distribution; Product, Price, Promotion and Place
Calvin Klein currently has product offerings across its’ Calvin Klein Jeans, Swimwear, Underwear and CK brands. The hierarchy starts with the CK designer underwear, and then there is Calvin Klein Jeans, which for Calvin’s casual lifestyle range. In among that you have CK One, which is the most youthful part of the brand and then there's CK Calvin Klein, which is slightly more formal for the edgy downtown girl and guy. On top of that is Calvin Klein Collection, which is at the apex of the pyramid. All of these use a premium pricing strategy, offering affordable luxury brand products with high quality and style.

The distribution of Calvin Klein products reflects this exclusivity as depicted in Figure 1, with 982 Calvin Klein retail stores worldwide, consisting of 189 full price

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