Essay on Caltex 2014 Annual Report

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Financial Calendar


Year ended
31 December 2014

1 With you all the way
2 Report from the Chairman and the Managing Director & CEO

07 MAY 2015
Annual General Meeting


Year ending
31 December 2015*
24 AUGUST 2015
Half year results and interim dividend announcement
Record date for interim dividend entitlement
Interim dividend payable if declared
22 FEBRUARY 2016
Full year results and final dividend announcement
08 MARCH 2016
Record date for final dividend entitlement
31 MARCH 2016
Final dividend payable if declared
* These dates are subject to change.

Corporate Governance Statement

16 2014
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Segmented reporting
114 31. Parent entity disclosures
114 32. Events subsequent to the end of the year
115 Comparative Financial Information
Replacement Cost of Sales Operating Profit Basis of Accounting
117 Shareholder Information
119 Statistical Information

120 Directory


With a commitment to Australia tracing back to 1900,
Caltex has grown to become the nation’s outright leader in transport fuel. Caltex supplies one-third of all Australia’s transport fuels and is unique in this market for being the only major brand listed on the
Australian Securities Exchange. Through a flexible fuel supply chain, Caltex has forged its reputation for providing safe and reliable supply of high-quality fuels to a diverse number of customer segments, including retail, mining, agriculture, aviation, transport, small‑to-medium enterprises, marine, automotive and government. Caltex is also one of Australia’s largest convenience retailers and franchisors, with over 85% of its stores operated by franchisees.

During 2014, Caltex launched its largest advertising campaign in almost a decade. Its aim was to demonstrate that Caltex moves more Australians than any other name, and no matter where you are in Australia, or what you drive,
Caltex is with you all the way.

2014 Annual Report
This 2014 Annual Report for Caltex Australia Limited has been prepared as at 23 February 2015.
The 2014 Annual Report provides

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