Essay on Calpurni A Better Mother Than Aunt Alexandra

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To start off, Calpurnia has proven to be a better mother than Aunt Alexandra. First of all, Alexandra is too strict of a motherly figure. This is first proven in the words she says upon arriving, which is commanding Calpurnia to put her bag in the front bedroom, and Jean Louise to stop scratching her head (Lee 169). In fact, most of what their aunt says to them are remarks to do this or to be more like that. This suggests that she is too hard on Jem and Scout. Rather than building the kids up like a good mother should, Aunt Alexandra chooses to push them down with all of her insults and rules. Calpurnia too has many rules, but she does not enforce them as harshly as Alexandra tends to; her rules are usually sensible enough that Jem and Scout are happy to obey them. Another reason why Alexandra is too strict is because she is even trying to change the ways of Atticus! Alexandra sent Atticus to talk to Jem and Scout and explain that they are Finches, so they need to start acting like it. It was not until Atticus said, “Stop that noise” when Scout was making noise with a comb that she realized her father was changing; he never would have had thoughts like these before Aunt Alexandra came (Lee 178). For this reason, it is clear that she has been trying to mold Jem, Scout, and Atticus into this perfect family that is nothing like they used to be before she came. Mothers want the best for their family, but they accept who they are; they will not try to change their family as…

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