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Calorie Management Over the course of this class and the few weeks that encompassed this learning process, we have learned several different conceptual applications for the integration of algorithms within the infrastructure of a company. The idea of using an algorithm or a program to influence or benefit our daily lives is an obvious choice for an application. We cannot use a program to cure cancer, diabetes or other wide ranging diseases, but we can use it to help with weight management, the mastery of which can lead to several different areas of improvement. By creating a program that will aid in the eradication of obesity, we can go a long way towards improving the mass health of the worldwide human population. The obesity …show more content…
Problem Statement A team of software developers has been awarded a contract to develop a program to determine if a person is balancing calorie intake. The challenge to the developers is to determine what tasks need to be completed so that the end result shows the person an accurate result as to whether or not they are losing or gaining weight. To determine these tasks the developers need to write a top notch algorithm in pseudo code that helps to lay out what needs to be accomplished. Once the tasks are identified the program can be written.
Program Solution The solution the developers came up with is to create a calorie calculator. The calorie calculator will ask for inputs from the person and those inputs will be processed by the program to show the person what their basal metabolic rate is and whether they are gaining or losing weight. The results will allow the person to evaluate their diet and decide whether or not what they are doing is helping or hampering their health.
Inputs and Outputs The input of the program is the variables that are inputted to produce a result. When the inputs are entered into the program the program takes the information and makes calculations based on the information it is given. The program then performs an output that shows the results of the calculations that were performed. The calorie calculator will take the variables that are inputted by an

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