Essay about Caloric Calorie Intake And Total Calorie Needs

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Estimated Calorie Intake and Estimated Calorie Needs:
1. My average daily caloric intake was 1239 calories.
2. The NCP-O recommended I needed 1860 calories to maintain my current weight.
Energy Balance:
3. A.) During the 5 day food diary, I ate fewer calories than the NCP-O recommended. I consumed 1239 calories out of the1860 calories recommended by the NCP-O. I was short by 621 calories.
B.) Based on the difference between in intake versus need, I am predicted to lose weight as I need more calories than I actually eat.
Estimate of Body Fatness/Composition:
4. The normal BMI range is from 18.5 – 25. My BMI is 21.3 and I fall well within the healthy normal range.
5. A.) My waist circumference is 28 inches and my hip circumference is 37.5 inches, after I divided my waist/ hip. My waist to hip ratio is 0.75.
B.) Since the healthy range for women is <0.8 and my waist to hip ratio is 0.75, I fall within the healthy range.
6. Looking back at my food diary, the positive habits that I would like to continue is the fact that I prepare almost all of my meals at home from scratch with fresh nutrient dense ingredients. In fact, in the entire 5 day food diary I only ate out once. An example of the types of dishes I cooked included, an Asian Chicken Manchow soup which was loaded with veggies like mushroom, carrots, cabbage, an egg and lean chicken breast and homemade chicken stock, which I made sure contained more veggies than chicken, served as an excellent source of both…

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