Call Tracking Technology : Information Based On The Phone Number

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Call tracking technology allows you to instantly capture a potential customer?s information based on the phone number that someone uses to call your business. Call tracking can become a vital part of your company as you determine what marketing strategies work best for your company. This technology creates a way to track conversions that originate from non-internet sources, but also as a way to get around holes in analytics data obtained from websites.

How It Works

Call tracking technology works by creating unique phone numbers for your business based on the type of advertising you use. You may have a general number that people reach your business for all incoming calls. However, call tracking uses multiple numbers so you can tell precisely how the person found the phone number.

For example, you create advertisements on billboards, in magazines and on particular websites. Each advertisement has a different phone number, all of which leads to someone in sales who works for your business. A billboard on one side of town may have the number (877) 555-1234, while a second billboard in the middle of the same city may indicate (877) 555-1235. Meanwhile, a quarter-page ad in a national magazine shows (877) 555-1236, whereas a full-page spread in a local publication contains (877) 555-1237. All of these numbers are slightly different, but they look the same. Now you have a way to track who sees these advertisements.

How This Technology Tracks Callers

Call tracking then uses…

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