Essay on Call Of Violence : The Effect Of Violent Video Games

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Call of Violence: The Desensitizing Effects of Violent Video Games The American Psychological Association (APA) controversially called for "the reduction of all violence in video games, and interactive media marketed to children and youth" (Peckham). There are those who disagree with this statement, claiming that violence in video games is not an issue, going so far as to say it is useful. As referenced in Matt Peckham’s article “Researcher Says Linking Video Games to Gun Violence is a ‘Classic Illusory Correlation,’” Christopher Ferguson, a professor of Clinical Psychology, supports those who opposed the APA’s recommendation. He feels that there is not enough evidence pointing to the fact that violent video games have a negative effects, however he finds (through his own research) there is a positive effect from these violent games. He found that the communication aspects of these games are beneficial to those who are prone to bullying. He also feels that the media makes too big of a deal when it comes to light that a murderer played violent games (Peckham). With all the recent mass shootings, it poses the question: is there a negative effect from these games that society should be worried about? Video games have a desensitizing effect on youth, they cause aggressive behavior, have a cumulative effect, and have negative consequences. According to Christopher Ferguson, there is inconsistent research on the effects of violent video games (Peckham). In contrast, Julia Shaw,…

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