Call Of Duty's Ad Analysis: Everyone Is Doing It

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In the market, companies are always fighting to get new and more customers. These companies don’t sell the same products but there’s still a rivalry between them : who’s going to attract the most customers. That’s the case of these two companies : Apple and Activision, which both of them produce technology supplies to customers : electronic goods for the first company and for the second, video games. Both of these companies’s ad are videos, but they show different approaches of advertising. Apple’s ad is video that shows famous people, the ‘ crazy ones’ as the title call them, who changed the world. However, in the second video ‘ Everyone is doing it’ is a video where an old man is talking of a the video game ‘ Call of Duty’. The essay …show more content…
The video represents an old unknown man sitting in the couch and telling a story to the audience. First, the viewers might thing that his words are reflecting a sexual content ‘ « Everyone is doing it. Guys are doing it with girls. Girls are doing it with other girls. Some get together in groups and do it. Some even do it with complete strangers. Some people like to do it hardcore. Some people like to watch others doing it. Over 20 million people are doing it. Safe to say, everyone’s doing it » and because of that double meaning, the ad was censored. Viewers won’t know the topic of the ad until the end. Despite the sexual double meaning,the old man is actually explaining how everyone is plays to call of duty. He is using the technique of Bandwagon : it suggests you that you should play and join the crowd and be in the wining side by using the product, you don’t want to be the only one not ‘doing it’ and it is emphasized by the ‘ 20 millions ‘. The fact that the video was banned it attracts even more people. Thanks to the double meaning and how the ad was commercialized, the product attracted more than 700000 people. Later on the ad, people are wondering what everyone is doing and it pushes them to watch the video until the end. That’s how the video creates a desire on the potential customer. Finally, at the end of the ad the logo of the game is

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